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About: PresyncAutoRename sanitizes your directories and files names within your gallery. It automatically corrects and renames files to a Piwigo compatible pattern.
All invalid characters are replaced with underscores so that the Synchronization process can run smoothly.
It has a simulation mode to preview which changes will be made on your files.
It automatically checks for files existence prior renaming them, appending a sequential number to them in case of duplicate.

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Revision 12.1 224 Downloads, Released on 2021-09-28
Revision 11.2 906 Downloads, Released on 2021-04-29
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Compatible with: 11

Available languages: 2 (see)

English [UK] Français [FR]

Added #1 - Automatic conversion of eastern arabic numbers to western characters (numbers) in filenames

Revision 11.1 621 Downloads, Released on 2021-02-10
Revision 1.1.0 517 Downloads, Released on 2020-11-29
Revision 1.0.0 115 Downloads, Released on 2020-11-29
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