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Piwigo è un'applicazione web opensource per gestire la tua libreria di foto. Progettato per organizzazioni, professionisti e privati.

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versione 14.4.0 1 mese fa

Piwigo 14.4.0 1 mese 1 settimana fa

Ultime attività. 22 ore fa

Migliaia di organizzazioni e molte altre persone amano usare il loro Piwigo

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Forte volumetria

Piwigo brilla quando si tratta di organizzare migliaia o addirittura centinaia di migliaia di foto.


Nato nel 2002, Piwigo è presente per i suoi utenti da oltre 22 anni. E sempre in evoluzione!


Il codice sorgente è disponibile, modificabile, controllabile ed estensibile grazie ai plugin ed i temi.

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Metropolitan University BelGrade
Sellerie Moillo
Winchester City Council

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I have used Piwigo for many years and am very pleased with it. I run numerous websites with various gallery solutions, however Piwigo is by far the best and I use Piwigo on all my important websites. Using Piwigo I can create a web gallery exactly how I want it. In my own case, I want the my photographs to look as good as possible so I have a very simple gallery with large images. I also want the images to be found and that is made easy by the gallery structure and search function.

Jonathan Webb

Fotografi e privati Germany

When we had to change the university's existing photo library solution in a hurry, Piwigo seemed a good compromise. We needed a solution that was quick and easy to set up, enabling us to technically manage a large image database with indexing, metadata management and search capabilities akin to an EDM or DAM solution, a real publishing and sharing interface with access rights management, operational interfacing with the school's information system and seamless integration into my Lightroom workflow. After two years, Piwigo has given us a great deal of satisfaction, far beyond the transitional solution we expected. Although the DAM functions still need to be enhanced, the flexibility provided by the customization and plug-in system and the open source development mode make it a scalable, adaptable and robust solution, capable of elegantly covering the essentials.

Pascal Levy, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Insegnamento e ricerca France

I love photography, I travel and shoot various events and so I have quite a number of photos to manage. Coming from those primitive directory-based PHP scripts, I realized I need more. Albums, tags, geo-tagging, privacy management, virtual albums, user management… And all that self-hosted. And thus, I've invited Piwigo to my life. Piwigo has all the functionality I need and it's under an active development so it's continuously improving. I love Piwigo because it's fairly easy to install and then manage, easy to backup, and it's free-and-open-source software.


Fotografi e privati Czech Republic

I discovered Piwigo 3 years ago and, since the beginning, it was a pleasant surprise. I am using it for my private photos database on a Synology NAS, around 340 GB and 70.000 pics. Piwigo it works like a charm and it is very customizable. Due to NAS hardware limitations, I prefer to generate the thumbnails outside of Piwigo. Piwigo doesn't have a rival! Thank you, Piwigo Team!

Ştefan-Liviu Ene

Fotografi e privati Romania

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