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Revision 2.8.0 (2016-03-16)

Brasil [BR] Česky [CZ] Dansk [DK]
Deutsch [DE] English [UK] Español [ES]
Français [FR] Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV]
Nederlands [NL] Norsk bokmål [NO] Polski [PL]
Português [PT] Slovensky [SK] Türkçe [TR]
Ελληνικά [GR] Русский [RU] Українська [UA]
中文 (简体) [CN]

About: Link user registration from Piwigo to FluxBB forum 1.2.x and 1.5.x since plugin version 2.2.4 (user registration, password changes, user deletion) and use only one (Piwigo's) #_user database table. This is an upgrade from the original Nicco's NBC_LinkUser2PunBB plugin and is available for Piwigo 2.x

*** Important note : Some modification have to be set in FluxBB core files - See "Instructions" section in plugin's admin panel ***

Knonw issues since version 2.5.9:
- Not compatible with user_mass_register plugin

Changes: New languages:
* Chinese (中文 (简体) [CN])


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Revision 2.5.0 (2013-03-11)

Deutsch [DE] English [UK] Français [FR]

About: This plugin allows an user who registers itself on PWG to be registered automatically on a PhpBB3 forum. Based on original Mod by Nicco, adapted by Eric and updated by Pierric, based on FluxBB.

Compatible with the last versions of Piwigo and PhpBB 3.

Changes: Compliance with Piwigo 2.5

(2 extensions)
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