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Revisione 1.2.3.e (2018-01-22)

English [UK] Français [FR]

Descrizione: listing pictures recently modified on the operating system (for instance, in order to update their metadata).

Add up to three predifined filters to batch-manager in order to retrieve OS recently modified pictures:
- Modified since less than 60 min
- Modified since less than 1 day
- Modified since previous metadata update

Tunable time filters.
Based on *nix system `find` command.

pwg_representative picture detection (for videos and others).

Cambiamenti: Changes in SVN/Git configuration.
Before updating, ensure plugin directory is 'fsrmp'.

Repository [url] :
Archive root directory [root_dir] : fsrmp (unzip to this directory name)

Path: fsrmp
Repository Root:


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Revisione 2.9.a (2017-10-13)

  • Autore: maple
  • Categorie: Plugin
  • Tags: EXIF
  • Lingue disponibili: 24 (see)
  • Compatibile con: Piwigo release 2.10, 2.9
  • Download: 65367
Brasil [BR] Català [CA] Česky [CZ]
Dansk [DK] Deutsch [DE] English [UK]
Español [ES] Français [FR] Italiano [IT]
Latviešu [LV] Magyar [HU] Nederlands [NL]
Norsk bokmål [NO] Nynorsk [NO] Polski [PL]
Português [PT] Slovensky [SK] Svenska [SE]
Türkçe [TR] Ελληνικά [GR] Русский [RU]
Українська [UA] العربية [AR] 中文 (简体) [CN]

Descrizione: Converts EXIF values to human readable localized values. Corresponds to EXIF specification 2.2. Easily extensible with more languages or with more "translations".

Cambiamenti: * SubjectDistance can be 0 (fixed by mistic)
* Wrong exposure time, "30/1" becomes "1/0s"

ImageMagick GPS

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Revisione 1.6 (2017-07-09)

  • Autore: ZeBe
  • Categorie: Plugin
  • Tags: EXIF, gps
  • Lingue disponibili: 2 (see)
  • Compatibile con: Piwigo release 2.10, 2.9
  • Download: 9476
Deutsch [DE] English [UK]

Descrizione: Uses ImageMagick (PHP extension) to read exif GPS data.
For all who cannot use exiftool on their webspace.
This is a workaround for the read_exif_data/exif_read_data bug in PHP which fails to read exif data if there are makernote data in the file.

Cambiamenti: Fixed crash when updating metadata of non picture files like GPX tracks.

Exiftool Keywords

Revisione 2.8.a (2017-01-23)

  • Autore: plg
  • Categorie: Plugin
  • Tags: EXIF
  • Lingue disponibili: 1 (see)
  • Compatibile con: Piwigo release 2.10, 2.9, 2.8
  • Download: 3614
English [UK]

Descrizione: Uses command line exiftool to read exif keywords.

Easiest way to fix the read_exif_data bug with PHP 5.6+

Cambiamenti: First revision

Advanced Metadata

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Revisione 0.7.1 (2012-08-12)

English [UK] Español [ES] Français [FR]
Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV] Русский [RU]

Descrizione: Advanced Metadata è un plugin per utilizzare i metadati Exif, IPTC e XMP presenti in un'immagine JPEG.

Il plugin riconosce circa 550 metadati differenti.

Il plugin richiede che il plugin GrumPluginClasses 3.5.2 sia stato installato in precedenza.

Note importanti:
* Il plugin sarà considerato perfettamente funzionante con la versione 1.0, le versioni intermedie, anche se incomplete, sono tuttavia funzionali.
* Per potere funzionare, richiede PHP 5.2 con il modulo "mbstring" installato

Cambiamenti: Cette version apporte les corrections/évolutions suivantes :
- feature:2701 => mise à jour de la base d'appareils photo et d'objectifs (canon, nikon, pentax)
- feature:2720 => ne pas afficher d'erreur lorsque les métadonnées lues ne sont pas correctes
- feature:2722 => ne pas utiliser la fonction php_uname() pour éviter les messages d'erreur chez certains hébergeurs
- bug:2702 => ne pas afficher de message d'erreur lorsqu'un appareil photo n'est pas connu

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